BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:-//Microsoft Corporation//Outlook 16.0 MIMEDIR//EN VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH X-MS-OLK-FORCEINSPECTOROPEN:TRUE BEGIN:VEVENT CLASS:PUBLIC CREATED:20181022T105653Z DESCRIPTION:Track & Trace redefined – Serialization Now! │ November 15 – 16\, 2018 │ Hyatt Regency Orlando INT’L Airport \n \nKey Topics of the Pharma TRACKTS! USA - http s:// \n \n* Serialization strategy: Developing a sustainable Serialization strategy\nHow to develope a roadmap and basic decisions for counting the business case for an efficient track & trace solution.\n* Integration of track & trace solutions in production and supply chain\nIntegration of track & trace solutions in production an d supply chain – efficient tools and basic requirements for the existing IT landscape along the entire supply chain.\n* Smart Packaging\, Labeling \, Warehouse & Logistics \nSmart Packaging\, Labeling\, Warehouse & Logist ics and their influence on Serialization: Implications for packaging units – Requirements and changes to be done in the process and machine equipm ent.\n* Requirements of project management\nRequirements of project manage ment: Setting up an overall project organization for Serialization & T&T i mplementation projects to actively undertake anti-counterfeiting measures. \n* Increasing Regulatory: Data Integrity & Compliance\nGO LIVE Serializat ion – 5Ws Stress test for your company: Is your organization fit for man datory Serialization?\n* Manufacturing IT & Cyber Security – Does it mat ter?\nHow to sense the Vulnerability of Cloud\, X 4.0\, Connected Systems – Security issues to be considered: System and network resilience agains t internal and external attacks.\n \nSpeaker Panel: https://www.serializat \n \nWhat can you expect? https://www.serializa \n \nHow to attend? https://www.serialization-c \n \n DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20181117 DTSTAMP:20141103T104907Z DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20181115 LAST-MODIFIED:20181022T105653Z LOCATION:Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport PRIORITY:5 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY;LANGUAGE=de:Pharma TRACKTS! Orlando 2018 – Track & Trace and Seri alization TRANSP:TRANSPARENT UID:040000008200E00074C5B7101A82E0080000000000CB56E15BF7CF01000000000000000 010000000234E2456F5409C4986A2CDCF43EAB912 X-ALT-DESC;FMTTYPE=text/html: